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Ceramic cup one-offs,
inspired by Joan Brossa.
Co-created with the ceramist Carmen Balada

My Role

Concept     |     Product Development    |      Industrial Design       | Art Direction  |


Marc - in Catalan: FRAME
A rigid structure that surrounds or encloses something
such as a door or window.

Designed for "Artesania Catalunya'' souvenir shop. The souvenir was to be conceptualised based on catalan culture, and created with a local craftsman.
Marc. is a limited series of one-off ceramic cups. The cup is decorated with a "mark of time" : a gesture to a traditional glazing style of Catalunya. 

A text by Joan Brossa.
An observation on time perception in the creating process and the reading of the piece.

Traditional Glazing, Bisbal ceramics museum

Concept Development

1 Starting Point

2 The writing of a text has a visual influence. Wording the sentences defines the visual limits of the page. Creating a "frame".

3 Primary Concept:

Framing the time that passed in the product's present.

4  Ceramics:

Clay is a material that "remembers".
It documents it's processing method and origin (earth- color).
Thus, it is suitable to be formed into a souvenir.

5 Cultural Research:

Ceramics culture of Catalunya. 

Framing traditional green-colored glazing method at the center of the contemporary cup.


The cups were created in cooperation with Carmen Balada, a Cataln ceramist.

The cups are made of stoneware local clay and are manufactured using the lathe. 
Each of then is one of a kind. The series contained a total of 6 cups.

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